PCB Design

Neste post, registro recursos on-line interessantes sobre PCB Design! | The following are interesting resources about PCB Design!

1. Portuguese Language

Resource Description Link
10 mandamentos da PCB Dicas para o momento de projetar e desenhar PCBs. https://www.embarcados.com.br/10-mandamentos-da-pcb/

2. English Language

Resource Description Link
BOM Rules Extremely helpful article about how to organize your BOM. http://www.proto2prod.com/proto2prod/2015/3/11/creating-and-optimizing-a-bill-of-materials-1
Autodesk “The Top 10 PCB Routing Tips for the Beginner” “There’s an old saying that goes something like this – PCB design is 90% placement and 10% routing. This is still true today, and the placement of your components will end up deciding how much time your routing will take, but that doesn’t mean that routing your PCB is any less important. It’s simply a matter of how much time you spend on each activity.”  https://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/blog/top-10-pcb-routing-tips-beginners/

Spent the last 18 years engaging in system (software/hardware) development for several sectors including: manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and dairy industry. Played the following project roles: analyst, solution architect, tech leader, developer and infra admin. Worked as collaborator or consultant for organizations such as: PUCRS/GSE, PUCRS/Huawei Smart City Lab, Tramontina S.A. Cutelaria, Innalogics, Teracorp and Labocath. I developed my own IoT integration platform (Tolifex) which helps prototype and build a range of supervisory, automation and control systems in areas such as industrial automation, domotics, SmartGrid, Oil and gas, entertainment and more. Example of real world use of Tolifex is at Tramontina S.A. Cutelatia. It was used to develop and integrate the following projects: Transelevator load identification, addition of functionality in robotic manufacturing/manipulation cells, and RFID industrial portal. Tolifex core is based on C/C++ and is suitable for embedded systems. The current state of the platform is at fog/edge level and it is easily integrated. More to come! Experience as Technical Leader - Elaboration of projects: concept to architecture. - Project analysis and requirements gathering. - Research and decision making about software architecture and hardware integration. Experience as Developer - 5+ years with C and C++ languages. Developing for areas such as network programming and automation using libraries like Boost and ZeroMQ. - High Level and backend: Angular, NodeJS - Experience with Java SE. - Some experience with C# Experience as Infrastructure Administrator - Solid experience with Linux servers. Distributions: Debian, Ubuntu Server; - Virtualization of IT infrastructure using VMWare VSphere; - Specificaton and dimensioning of SaaS infra using service providers such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, and Verio. - Spec and dev of company intranet using OpenVPN. - Spec and mgmt of backup policies using Technologies Amazon S3.

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